55 Laguna Approved

In August 2012, the San Francisco Planning Commission unanimously approved the Openhouse plan to build LGBT-welcoming senior housing at 55 Laguna St. Openhouse has partnered with veteran housing developer, Mercy Housing California, to build, own and operate 119 apartments for seniors in need of affordable housing. In what promises to be another proud landmark in the history of LGBT people in San Francisco and the nation, the project also includes a community center and Openhouse service offices for residents and LGBT seniors from across the city.

55 Laguna is critical component of the Openhouse mission to meet the growing needs of LGBT seniors in San Francisco. Click here to read the press release about Planning Commission approval.

Why LGBT-Welcoming Housing?

For decades, thousands of LGBT people have flocked to San Francisco to find personal freedom and acceptance. Today, over 20,000 LGBT seniors call San Francisco home. As older adults, many LGBT seniors feel pressure to go back into the closet to receive quality care and housing. Many face serious challenges in finding welcoming and affordable housing and must relocate, leaving their cherished city and dear friends behind.

55 Laguna will provide welcoming and affordable housing in the heart of San Francisco, along with services and resources to help LGBT seniors remain safe and comfortable in the community they spent a lifetime to build.

What Happens Next?

With Planning Commission approval now secured, Openhouse and Mercy Housing California will work to put in place the local, state and federal financing needed to construct the housing. Openhouse will undertake additional fundraising efforts to build its service offices and the community center. Construction is projected to begin in late 2014 and completed in phases over a 3-year period.

Who Can Live at 55 Laguna?

All income-qualified seniors, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity will be welcome to apply to live at 55 Laguna. We anticipate that a large number of LGBT seniors will apply to live at 55 Laguna, with its inviting, safe and welcoming housing, services and community programs.

Who Is Eligible and How Will Residents Be Selected?

Individuals and couples who are 55 years and older whose household income does not exceed 50% of Area Median Income (AMI) will be eligible to live at 55 Laguna. Applicants will be selected by lottery until all the housing units are filled. Click here for a chart of current Area Median Income by household size.

How Large Will The Units Be?

Most of the units will be one bedrooms ranging in rent from $821 to $1,146.

How Can I Apply?

Applications will be available in May 2016. Visit this page for additional information: http://openhouse-sf.org/55-laguna-information/.

What Do the Buildings Look Like?

Renderings of the entire development can be viewed at http://openhouse-sf.org/55-laguna-siteplan/

I Need Housing Now

Openhouse offers monthly housing workshops for older adults seeking resources. The workshops  will provide information about senior affordable housing, application and waitlist processes, and other valuable housing information. Reservations are required. Click here to learn more.

About Mercy Housing California

Mercy Housing California (MHC), the largest regional division of Mercy Housing, is a recognized leader in the development of quality, affordable housing. Mercy Housing properties serve low-income families, seniors and people with special needs including the formerly homeless, people with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS. Mercy Housing California maintains offices in San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles. Through the provision of safe, decent service-enriched housing, MHC strives to strengthen families and build healthy communities. For more information please visit www.mercyhousingcalifornia.org.