Community Engagement

Creating opportunities with, and not just for, LGBTQ seniors to build and reconnect with community in an intergenerational and aging-affirming space.

Through our Community Engagement programs, we organize hundreds of hours of intellectually stimulating activities each month that bring LGBTQ seniors together to meet, socialize, and learn together. These programs include large social gatherings, intergenerational lunch discussions, senior-led groups, film screenings, movement classes, cultural events, community advocacy groups, and much more.

Join us for:

  • Saturday Games Day and Art Group
  • Queer Elders Writing Workshop
  • Women-centered Programming: Sister Circle lunch
  • Sisters on the Move, and Afternoon at the Movies
  • TransGenerational Monthly Lunches and Annual Brunch
  • Biweekly Rainbow Lunch and Men’s Social
  • Monthly visits to Muttville
  • Film screenings
  • Cultural outings
  • Transgender Day of Visibility and Transgender Day of Rememberance events
  • Heritage Month celebrations
  • Fall Feast
  • Pride
  • Men’s Programming – Drop-In social Group

friendly visits: the heart of our community engagement

Being an Openhouse Community Member means building community across generations. At the heart of our Community Engagement programming is Openhouse’s Friendly Visitor program. Friendly Visitors of all ages are interested in cultivating deep and enriching friendships with LGBTQ seniors. These friendships can take shape in many forms- going on walks, museum visits, sharing stories over coffee, or simply connecting over shared interests! Volunteers help provide companionship, emotional support, and some practical assistance to foster connections to our community. No matter our situation, we all need connection and community. If you’d like someone to connect with, our Friendly Visitor program affirms that LGBTQ elders have lifetimes of experience, perspective and know-how. Now, younger LGBTQ folks want to be part of the legacy! Through this program, we honor each other’s fierceness and vulnerability, and we affirm the beauty and wisdom in being exactly who we are, at every age. If you are an LGBTQ senior interested in connecting with a visitor, they are eager to meet you! To learn more about the program, please contact Carrie Schell, Friendly Visitor Program Supervisor at 415-535-1237 or email.

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Community Engagement Programs

We invite you to meet with one of our staff, talk about the many programs Openhouse offers, and learn about an exciting opportunity to have your voice heard as a new participant at Openhouse.