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Ageism Isn’t Cute

An article from Openhouse’s Community Engagement Manager, Fairley Parson, LCSW

“As a clinical social worker working in the LGBT senior community, I have heard my share of ageist comments. The most common reply I hear when I tell peers (I’m 38) what I do for work is, “Aw, how cute.” (Insert eye roll here.)  Though dubbing older adults “cute” implies endearment, it’s more than irksome, and requires more than an eye roll to address. In reality, the community members I work with are astute, insightful, seasoned and fierce. Cute just doesn’t cut it.”

March 23, 2017

Openhouse’s LGBT-Welcoming Senior Housing Has Arrived
“Today, March 23, we celebrate the grand opening of 55 Laguna, San Francisco’s first LGBT-welcoming affordable housing for seniors. The new apartments, developed in partnership with Openhouse and Mercy Housing California, are a critical component of a shared mission to meet the growing needs of San Francisco’s 25,000 LGBT seniors, many of whom struggle to find access to quality services and housing for fear of discrimination and compromised care.”

March 19, 2015
Program sprouts friendships for LGBT seniors
“Often, as we age, folks tend to isolate themselves or it just gets more challenging to get out. The benefit here is a volunteer visitor goes to their home and gets them out of their home,” said Michelle Alcedo, Openhouse’s
 director of programs. “For us, we are shifting how we talk about the program to emphasis it is more of an empowerment model. It is much more egalitarian in terms of both parties have something to contribute.”

March 6, 2014
LGBT aging panel zeroes in on housing
“The number one goal is for people to stay and age in San Francisco,” said task force member Ashley McCumber, a gay man who is executive director of Meals on Wheels of San Francisco Inc. “Also, any recommendations we make right now will be helpful to all seniors.”

January 20, 2014
Challenges & Opportunities:
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by Openhouse Founder, Marcy Adelman

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January 8, 2014
Retirement homes geared to gays offer compassion, community
“Over time, I hope we will be talking about other affordable housing communities” like 55 Laguna, Kilbourn said. “In the meantime, thank goodness Fountaingrove is out there. It’s a different market than we’re looking at, but it’s an important segment of the community. There’s certainly a lot of demand for it.”

December 31, 2013
Long-stalled S.F. housing project for LGBT seniors on track
“The city gets 440 units of much-needed housing, including apartments aimed at the LGBT seniors of the nearby Castro district but open to anyone meeting the project’s age and income requirements. The neighbors get a small park and a community garden that will be maintained by the developer, as well as a new development where aging, vacant, graffiti-tagged buildings once stood…   For the people and groups who have been pushing the project for years, the finish line finally is in sight.”

November 13, 2013
Same sex couples to navigate many new benefits

November 5, 2013
Making Communities LGBT Aging Friendly

June 12, 2013
Hill Resident [Dr. Adelman] Helps LGBT Seniors

June 3, 2013
Living Outside the Safety Net: LGBT Families and Social Security
Openhouse Executive Director Seth Kilbourn participated in a symposium at UCSF on Social Security’s discriminatory rules on LGBT families. This is a webcast of the symposium, which also included Carroll L. Estes, Max Richtman, Therese Stewart – moderated by Belva Davis. The symposium was held on the release of a report by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Foundation. Download the report here.

January 17, 2013
Researchers Turn Focus to LGBT Seniors
Older Gay APIs Bond Over Dinner
Agency on Track With Housing, Starts Focus Groups
Executive Director Op-Ed

October 4, 2012
LGBT Seniors Task Force Forms, Announces Study

September, 2012
LGBT Empowerment Insert (SF Chronicle)

August 23, 2012
Senior Housing Group Seeks $53M

June 24, 2012
Screaming Queens and Queer Teens at First Pride Youth-Elders Brunch

June 5, 2012
SF Supervisors Shine Spotlight on LGBT Seniors

April 26, 2012
Openhouse Unveils Designs for 55 Laguna Project

February 9, 2012
Addressing the Housing Needs of LGBTQ Seniors

February 2, 2012
Openhouse expands LGBT senior services

February 2, 2012
City Hall backs LGBT senior initiatives

January 26, 2012
LGBT seniors seek housing, greater visibility

December 15, 2011
HUD holds first-ever summit on LGBT elders

August 18, 2011
LGBT senior housing coming to a town near you

August 4, 2011
SF Planning Commission Votes to Approve Conditional Use of 55 Laguna

July 7, 2011
55 Laguna – the time is now

June 26, 2011
NY Times: Spotlight on the Gay Community Today

June 26, 2011
Gay-friendly senior housing, half-century-old idea

June 26, 2011
Fountaingrove, Openhouse: housing for LGBT seniors

October 27, 2009
Civic Ventures Honors openhouse Co-Founder

July 9, 2009
National LGBT senior movement grows up

March 12, 2009
Senior housing on track despite bankruptcy

December 25, 2008
Gay groups weather financial storm

September 11, 2008
openhouse was featured in the Summer 2008 issue of Human Services Agency of San Francisco’s InService Quarterly Magazine

March 30, 2008
Bay Area gay senior housing closer to reality

March 21, 2008
True to her name: Judy Freespirit spearheads LGBT movement at Jewish Home

March 6, 2008
Supervisors vote to move housing project forward

March 6, 2008
55 Laguna Project makes progress

January 24, 2008
Affordable Housing for LGBT Seniors Launched at 55 Laguna

January 24, 2008
Planning panel OKs housing project