POSITION TITLE: Volunteer Coordinator

Openhouse seeks a dynamic, creative, outgoing, and organized Volunteer Coordinator who will expand and innovate the organization’s capacity to recruit, train and cultivate volunteers of all ages with a particular focus on volunteers who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the overall maintenance and expansion of the volunteer program as well as the recruitment, training, screening, retention, formal recognition, and supervision of diverse volunteers of all ages in order to effectively engage and serve the LGBTQ older adult community and the expanding needs of a growing agency. The Volunteer Coordinator will involve LGBTQ seniors directly using a strengths-based approach and collaborate with program staff to help program participants become and remain engaged in Openhouse activities. The Volunteer Coordinator must possess strong written and verbal communication skills and knowledge utilizing social media and other online tools such as Constant Contact and Volunteer Matters for recruiting new volunteers and spreading the word about new volunteer opportunities. Perhaps often labeled a “people person” by friends, the Volunteer Coordinator will have strong networking and interpersonal skills and an enthusiasm for being highly visible in the community. The position is full-time and reports to the Manager of Community Engagement Programs.


Volunteer Recruitment and Training:
1. Collaborate with Openhouse staff across programs/departments to determine appropriate volunteer needs; e.g. Mission Engagement Team, Housing and Resource Navigation etc.
2. Recruit, develop and coordinate diverse volunteers with the well-matched skills for each position as needed, including large groups for special events and activities and the maintenance of relationships and needed coordination with individual ongoing program volunteers.
3. Train and support volunteers for Openhouse programs outreach, fundraising/development, and communications.
4. Train, coordinate and support volunteers for special events/outings that include, annual events such as Fall Feast, Spring Flings, Elder Youth Brunch, LGBTQ Senior Prom, LGBTQ Pride and other events offered to encourage seniors to feel connected to the LGBTQ community and less isolated.
5. Develop appropriate and ongoing training opportunities; produce training materials to support volunteers as needed.
6. Supervise volunteers at events.
7. Respond to volunteer program phone calls, emails, and other inquiries regarding Openhouse’s volunteer opportunities.
8. Provide prospective volunteers with the necessary information to choose appropriate volunteer opportunities at Openhouse.
9. Engage prospective volunteer contacts through timely follow up.
10. Liaise with community organizations and local businesses to promote the organization’s mission and expand Openhouse’s potential volunteer base.
11. Deliver presentations at community events as needed.
12. Coordinate Openhouse Volunteer Community Ambassadors, volunteer program of 10-15 LGBTQ community members age 55+ and people with disabilities whose work is guided by the goals and mission of Openhouse.
Friendly Visitor Program: Volunteers
1. Work with Manager of Community Engagement Programs (MOCEP) to develop and implement creative and effective outreach efforts to identify and recruit diverse Friendly Visitor volunteers
2. Screen and train volunteers to ensure successful matches with LGBTQ seniors
3. Conduct reference checks and background screening of potential Friendly Visitor Volunteers

Friendly Visitor Program: Community Members

1. Provide ongoing support to seniors to foster and sustain relationship and Friendly Visitor volunteer.

Volunteer Retention and Recognition:
1. Provide ongoing recognition to volunteers through various methods of communication, ensuring that volunteers are promptly and properly thanked for their support. Conduct recognition events to honor volunteers.
2. Maintain and solidify close relationships with volunteers and volunteer contacts.
3. Supervise volunteers in performance of duties providing them continuous feedback, periodic performance evaluations and special guidance when requested or required.
4. Work with staff and community members to resolve conflicts that may arise among volunteers, and/or senior community members, using outside support as needed.

Volunteer Program General Operations: Systematic, detail-oriented, with strong computer skills, the Volunteer Coordinator tracks, assesses and evaluates program outcomes to ensure innovation and impact of services provided. Collect and analyze volunteer data and provide monthly reports and data analysis across programs about volunteer productivity and outcomes.
1. Serve as a primary volunteer program liaison to staff and to volunteers.
2. Assist with social media engagement with volunteers by identifying and sharing content opportunities across Openhouse programs.
3. Attend external volunteer-related events for recruitment, retention, or recognition as needed.
4. Coordinate events, meetings, program orientations, trainings as necessary. Some evening and occasional weekend work will be required.
5. Commitment to shadowing or participating in Openhouse programs toward an understanding of program needs.
6. Collaborate and support Openhouse program staff as needed.
7. Other Duties as Assigned by the Manager of Community Engagement Programs or required by temporary or short-term staffing shortages.

Data Collection and Oversight

1. Administer Openhouse program policies, procedures, information collection, reporting and evaluations.
2. Data collection and input including support with Openhouse registrations, California Reducing Disparities project (CRDP) evaluations , client inquiry, service utilization and referral tracking, ongoing data collection of activity hours for community council community/community ambassadors, and all other relevant volunteer-led programs
3. Manage data collected from Friendly Visitor Volunteers and community members enrolled in the Friendly Visitor program.
8. Other Duties as Assigned by the Manager of Community Engagement Programs or required by temporary or short-term staffing shortages.

IDEAL EXPERIENCE: Experience working with LGBT older adults is ideal; but all candidates who have the following type of experience and qualifications will be considered:
1. Experience working with older adults or equivalent experience working with other populations with unique socialization and service needs.
2. Sensitivity to and knowledge of the unique life experiences, challenges, and strengths of LGBT community members.
3. Comfortable using technology; ability to use online volunteer management tool, volunteer recruitment websites, and online social media and communications tools.
4. Ability to translate the life experiences and skills of LGBT older adults to foster confidence and empower them as volunteers.
5. Demonstrated ability to organize volunteers, activities and events.
6. Experience guiding groups of volunteers toward common goal.
7. Experience recruiting, working with and supporting volunteers.
8. Attuned to what motivates the active, busy, “volunteer-minded” community member to give of their skills, talents, and valuable time.
9. Strong interpersonal skills and tact when delivering and receiving constructive feedback.
10. Ability to collaborate with multi-disciplinary team to effectively reach potential volunteers and build community partnerships.
11. Familiar with organizing grassroots community campaigns is highly valued
12. Committed to diversity and able to recognize and affirm that LGBT older adults live at intersections of race, ethnicity, class, culture, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, spirituality, and ability

Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and the ability to quickly learn software programs and online databases and tools. Familiarity of online content management systems (Word Press), and layout tools (InDesign, Photoshop). Excellent knowledge of various social media platforms for outreach and marketing. Good problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks. Excellent time management skills. Attention to detail and ability to provide high quality data and reports.

Physical skills and ability to perform work that requires sitting, walking, stooping, bending and lifting up to 35 pounds.

Experience working with older adult populations, underserved or underrepresented populations and volunteer program coordination.

COMPENSATION: Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience and includes health, dental, and vision benefits. This position is eligible to participate in a 401(k) first day of quarter following one-year of service with agency match.

TO APPLY: E-mail cover letter and resume detailing your qualifications and interest in the position to [email protected] or fax to (415) 296-8008 or mail to 65 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. No phone calls accepted.

Openhouse is an equal opportunity employer. Women, older adults, people of color, transgender people, and people with disabilities encouraged to apply.

POSITION TITLE: Resource and Referrals Navigator

POSITION SUMMARY: The Resource and Referral (R & R) Navigator provides information and assistance and translation services for seniors and adults with disabilities at the Openhouse Aging and Disabilities Resource Center (ADRC). In addition to being a neighborhood hub for such services, the Openhouse ADRC is a city-wide resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQQ) seniors and adults with disabilities. The R & R Navigator assesses the needs and capabilities of individuals, provides current information on opportunities and services available within the community, follows up as necessary, and documents the provision and outcomes of services to ensure program effectiveness and achievement of objectives.


1. Organize and conduct outreach and other promotional activities to inform LGBTQ seniors and adults with disabilities across the city and the neighborhood about the Openhouse ADRC and increase their access to appropriate community resources, housing and services.
2. Complete intake forms and conduct a needs assessment to understand the problems, challenges and capacity of individuals seeking ADRC services.
3. Provide current information and referrals appropriate to each participant on housing and social services available at Openhouse and in the community including adult day care, counseling, education, employment, in-home care, legal support, transportation and social activities.
4. Update and maintain monthly housing opportunities list for San Francisco and surrounding areas, including coordinating volunteers to ensure lists are up to date and comprehensive.
5. Link individuals to the opportunities and services that are available and help secure needed services by providing additional assistance such as contacting agencies, completing forms, advocating for the individual with service providers, confirming and escorting individuals to appointments, and conferring with service providers to ensure individual needs are met.
6. Assist individuals in completing applications for financial benefits including renter’s/home owners’ assistance, other financial assistance programs, Medi-Cal, and Medicare Part D.
7. Assess and coordinate with Openhouse staff or outside agencies when an individual needs specialized clinical assessment, case management, or other care coordination services.
8. Conduct community outreach and informational workshops to increase the target population’s understanding of and access to the affordable housing system in San Francisco including how to stay informed about available units, complete applications, improve credit scores and maximize participation in housing lotteries.
9. Follow up with individuals and organizations to ensure receipt of services, maximize client participation and utilization of services and programs, measure consumer satisfaction and document the outcome of referrals, housing applications, and other assistance provided through the ADRC.
10. Maintain and submit monthly service reports to meet contract agreements; collaborate with community-based organizations and city departments to reach older adults and adults with disabilities in the LGBTQ community; participate in trainings to enhance skills.
11. Work with the Housing Coordinator to support 95 Laguna lease-up.
12. Other duties as assigned by the Manager of Housing and Resources Navigation Program


The ideal candidate for the position will be able to demonstrate:

• Current and comprehensive knowledge of available housing and social services for seniors and adults with disabilities.
• Thorough understanding of affordable housing in San Francisco, public benefits like Medicare and Medi-Cal, In Home Supportive Services (IHHS), and the role of the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) in ensuring access to quality care and services for seniors and adults with disabilities.
• Existing relationships with community providers, including case managers, and other health care and social service organizations and workers.
• Community-centered approach to service delivery based in compassion and willingness to engage community members in difficult conversations about intersecting identities.
• An understanding of data tracking and reporting to measure outcomes, increase program effectiveness and ensure compliance with contract requirements.
• Ability to work successfully with volunteers and interns to extend outreach and support, work with individuals in the program and promote the ADRC program.
• Ability to make impactful recommendations to enhance and improve services.


• At least three years of experience working with seniors and/or adults with disabilities. (Required)
• Exceptional communication and presentation skills relating to seniors, adults with disabilities, their caregivers, families, families of choice and health professionals. (Required)
• Good problem solving skills and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks. (Required)
• Proficiency with information management systems. (Required)
• Sensitivity to and knowledge of the unique life experiences, challenges, and strengths of LGBTQ seniors and adults with disabilities. (Required)
• Ability to speak (bilingual) in English and Spanish. (Highly Valued)
• Experience working with populations with unique socialization and service needs. (Highly Valued)
• Commitment to diversity and demonstrated understanding that LGBTQ older adults and people with disabilities live at intersections of race, ethnicity, class, culture, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, spirituality/religion, and ability. (Highly Valued)

COMPENSATION: Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. This is a full-time, non-exempt position. Openhouse offers a full benefits package including health and dental insurance; generous paid leave; and a dynamic, vibrant, collaborative and supportive work environment. This position is eligible to participate in a 401(k) first day of quarter following one-year of service with agency match.

TO APPLY: E-mail cover letter and resume detailing your qualifications and interest in the position to [email protected] or fax to (415) 296-8008 or mail to 65 Laguna St, San Francisco, CA 94102. No phone calls please.

Openhouse is an equal opportunity employer. Women, older adults, people of color, transgender people and people with disabilities encouraged to apply.